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Dr. Deketh is the Chief Medical Officer of the Princess Juliana International Airport.

After San Juan and Nassau, St. Maarten is the 3rd largest airport in the Caribbean region, with 25,000 flights per year carrying 1.5 Million passengers (175,000 transits to surrounding islands).Emergency Health Care Services are available for passengers, cabin crew and the airport personnel, with the Fire & Rescue Team as first responders.

The new airport is equipped with an emergency room and ambulance.

There are 2 Air Ambulances based at the Princess Juliana Airport in St.Maarten:

  • Citation Mustang Jet airplane, 2 pilots and 4 passengers

  • Citation Ultra, 2 pilots and 8 passengers

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Airport Medical Services

Dr. Deketh is the Aviation Medical Doctor and Authorized Medical Examiner of the Princess Juliana Airport
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