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Travel Vaccinations
Mullet Bay Clinic is a Travel Clinic and Official Yellow Fever Vaccination Center

Yellow Fever:

  • Mullet Bay Clinic is an official appointed YELLOW FEVER Vaccination Center. Before attending the clinic, please contact the Maho Pharmacy (link) on the availability of yellow fever vaccination shots. You are required to bring your passport for identification and the Yellow Fever Certificate.

  • Most countries requiring mandatory YF Vaccination to enter their territories demand the Yellow Fever Vaccination to be given at least 10 days (!) before your travel.

  • You must avoid the Yellow Fever vaccination when you are pregnant or Immunocompromised

  • Another Note: the WHO/CDC declared the one-shot Yellow Fever vaccination to be valid for life.​

Other Travel Vaccinations:

  • Hepatitis A (Pharmacy)

  • Typhoid (Pharmacy)

  • Hepatitis B (in stock)

  • Tetanus (in stock)

  • DTP (pharmacy)

  • Rabies (not available in SXM, Rabies not endemic in SXM)

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