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Fitness for Flight

Fitness for Flight Advice

If you are pregnant, ill, or somehow incapacitated you can be refused by your airline. The commercial airline will then ask the advice of the Aviation Medical Doctor & Authorized Medical Examiner if and under which conditions such a passenger can fly without causing a risk for the passenger(s), cabin crew, and the airline.

It is important to remember that not all services and facilities will be available straight away at every airport and on every plane.

If you need a particular service or facility, always check that it is available before booking. Let people know if you as a passenger might need assistance and make arrangements in advance. This helps airlines and airports provide better service.

A Medical Information Form (MEDIF), must be provided for passengers fitting any of the descriptions below:

  • Passengers suffering from a disease that can be assumed to be contagious or transmissible.

  • Passengers who, due to illness or a physical condition, display behavior that could potentially influence the comfort and well-being of the other passengers and/or the crew, or that could present a risk to the safety or punctuality of the flight.

  • Passengers who will need medical care or will be dependent on specific medical equipment during the flight

  • Passengers who have a medical condition that could result in a life-threatening situation or could require the provision of exceptional medical care for their safety during the flight.

  • Passengers who need personal care during the flight (during meals visiting the toilet, etc.) and will be traveling without a companion.

  • Passengers who cannot use the airplane seats in a normal, upright position.

  • Passengers who are up to 36 weeks along into their pregnancy and who have been informed that they may expect complications in their pregnancy.

  • Passengers who are 36 weeks along or further into their pregnancy (32 weeks for multiple births) may no longer travel.

Please contact Mullet Bay Clinic for assistance.

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